Hummingbird Lawyers

Hummingbird Lawyers

Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law and commercial and family law litigation.

Family Lawyer Toronto


Family Lawyer Toronto And Vaughan Hummingbird Lawyers LLP has a family lawyer in Toronto and Vaughan offices. The team works to resolve all types…

Mediation Lawyer Toronto


Some disputes are best settled out of court. At Hummingbird LLP, we apply alternative mediation and arbitration techniques where appropriate, to bring about efficient…

Civil Litigation Lawyer Toronto and Vaughan


Pragmatic, timely and cost-effective – because we know that you’ve got better things to do than sit in court! Civil Litigation Lawyer Where disputes prove…

Entertainment Lawyer Toronto Canada


Careers in the entertainment industry are as diverse as its employee base. Whether you are in the spotlight or behind the scenes, Toronto entertainment…

Employment Lawyer Toronto


Losing your job can be emotionally and financially traumatic. At Hummingbird LLP we work with you to ensure that you get the severance package…

Corporate Will

Corporate Will

What Is A Corporate Will? A corporate will (also known as secondary will) is a special tool for estate planning with respect to your…

Planning Act Dispute

Planning Act Dispute

What is a Planning Act Dispute? Ontario’s Planning Act is in place to provide municipalities, and its citizens, the opportunity to plan, document and…