Business Lawyer Toronto Corporate Lawyers Toronto
Business Lawyer Toronto Corporate Lawyers Toronto

Business Lawyer Toronto
Are you looking for a corporate law firm to provide legal services? Perhaps you are looking for legal advice from an experienced corporate lawyer, or a business lawyer in Toronto, Vaughan or elsewhere around the Greater Toronto Area.

If so, you are in the right place.

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP offers a complete range of corporate legal services that compliment your greater strategic objectives.

Well-Experienced Business Lawyers

Our Toronto business lawyers’ real-world entrepreneurial experience allows us to take a 360-degree view of your legal exposure to ensure the long-term viability of your venture.

Our integrated approach supports your overall strategy, protects your intellectual property, and minimizes your legal risk in the medium and long terms.

Business And Corporate Lawyers

We act for start-ups, franchisees, and franchisors in a variety of matters, and represent professionals and companies with a focus on family enterprise, retail, media, information technology, construction and real estate ventures.

Our corporate lawyers work in close collaboration with our colleagues in the Hummingbird Network to ensure that all legal decisions align with your core business interests –  including raising capital, commercial mortgages, accounting,  commercialization, and more.

Business Lawyer Toronto

Incorporation – Business Form & Structure

Our business lawyers help clients choose the best business structure for the organization and its divisions, paying close attention and consideration to legal issues such as personal liability, tax, and financial matters and efficiency.

Owner Agreements

Whether carrying on business as a partnership or a corporation, any business that has more than one owner should consider a partnership or shareholders agreement to mitigate possible issues including:

  • Management and voting rights
  • Financing requirements
  • Transfer of Ownership Interests

Corporate Lawyer in Toronto and Vaughan

Purchase and Sale of a Business

The purchase or sale of a business is one of the most significant and important transactions with which to proceed.

We will provide critical legal advice from the very outset to assist with:

  • Due diligence in evaluating potential deals
  • Negotiating offers and letters of intent
  • Structuring the transaction, whether it is assets or shares
  • Closing the deal – without surprises and ensuring you get what you bargained for
  • Reporting and providing necessary legal opinions

Outsourced Counsel

In cases needing more sustained attention, consider enlisting Hummingbird LLP Outsourced Counsel that provides for a dedicated legal presence on your senior management team.

Our full suite of Business Lawyer and Corporate Law Specialties

Covering Any Corporate Matters With A wide variety Of Law Services:

    • Business Formation
      Business formation is a crucial step in starting a business whether you’re starting a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or a Co-op
      • Large and small business legal advice
      • Establishing Corporations, Partnerships, and Joint Ventures
      • Drafting and Negotiating Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
        Shareholder agreements can help a company avoid many headaches as it grows, outlining how to resolve potential issues before they arise
      • Nonprofit Corporations
    • Corporate Restructurings and Reorganizations
    • Planning Acquisition Strategies
    • Licensing, Distribution, Marketing, and Franchising Arrangements
    • Equity and Cash Incentive Arrangements
      • Stock Option Plans
      • Option Agreements
      • Employee Incentive Plans
    • Corporate Record Maintenance
    • Customer, Supply and Outsourcing Agreements
    • Board and Committee Structures and Procedures
    • Developing Appropriate and Tax-Efficient Transaction Structures
    • Implementing Transactional Aspects of a Deal
    • Director’s and Officer’s Liability
    • Director’s and Officer’s Insurance
    • Succession Planning
    • Private Financings
    • Management Buyouts
    • Regulatory Compliance Requirements
    • Shareholder Relations and Disputes
    • Business Plans and Procurement Bids
    • Business Contracts
    • Incorporation and Organization of Ontario and Federal Corporations
    • Incorporation of Professional Corporations
    • Partnership, Joint Venture, and Shareholder Agreements
    • Business Name Registrations
    • Purchase and Sale of Business by way of Assets
    • Purchase and Sale of Business by way of Shares
    • Shareholder/Partner Buyouts
    • Corporate Restructurings and Reorganizations
    • Corporate Record Maintenance
    • Licensing, Distribution, Marketing, and Franchising Arrangements
    • Equity and Cash Incentive Arrangements
      • Stock Option Plans
      • Option Agreements
      • Employee Incentive Plans
    • Business Agreements
    • Planning Acquisition Strategies
    • Vacant Unit Rebate

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is a well-established corporate law firm based in Toronto and Vaughan and serves the Greater Toronto Area.

Our corporate and business legal teams are available to work with clients in the City of Toronto, Vaughan, and the surrounding GTA.

Shareholder Agreements Toronto

Contact Our Business Lawyers

For more information on our business and corporate services, please contact our business lawyers Toronto & Vaughan team by emailing or fill out the form below.

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