As a progressive, and forward-thinking law firm, Hummingbird Lawyers lives in the cloud. Both inside and out, everyone who is a part of Hummingbird benefits from the latest technology to access essential documents and communicate on important matters. Our team has access to your information from anywhere in the world at any time – securely. Even better, so do you.

Our CEO, Roy Bernhard, has an extensive educational and industry background in computer science, from building and selling a billion dollar, publicly traded company, to being CTO for Workopolis and SpinMaster Toys in Canada. And this is reflected in the way that Hummingbird is run. Hummingbird uses technology to bridge the gap between our roster and our clients. This fosters a deep connection between ourselves and our clients that allows us to provide you with legal services in a fast, personal and friendly manner.

The strongest benefit of our use of technology is speed. Being connected to the cloud means that we have access to your files and information at the tips of our fingers. With law, time is money. So the saying goes. We offer video conferencing to help save you a commute, and to make ourselves always available to you.

Our focus is on shortening documentation generation to help save you money. We use several different software programs, including ones that we are hand coded ourselves, for document management, generation and accounting that help save us time and ensure that we are a firm that is running in top shape.

Our tech prowess does not end with in-house innovations, for our corporate clients, we have the unique ability to create custom software solutions to integrate into our client’s workflows and systems, allowing legal services to be injected into their day to day operations.

On a more grandiose scale, Hummingbird is always working on something new in the tech field. We created something called Hummingbird Innovation Lab for Law (HILL). Atop our HILL is where we work hard to stay abreast of both general tech and legal tech in Canada. We are always trying to apply it to our daily lives to make things better for ourselves and our clients.

At the HILL, we have created Labour Day: 1872. LD1872 is our first public mobile app to be released on the App Store and Google Play. This app is your personal employment lawyer who is always at the ready, just a click away – Your Pocket Lawyer. This app allows you to find information on everything from current minimum wage to the workings of maternity leave. Its most innovative feature is that it works as a diary for you to keep track of issues at work, performance reviews, promised raises and even allows you to take a photo of your employment agreement for future reference.

Our HILL is the future of law and it is our part to help solve the problems that many people face with fair and reasonable access to justice in a progressive and tech forward way.

Hummingbird Lawyers

Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law and commercial and family law litigation.

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