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legal counsel as a service

legal counsel as a service

Innovation in client service has been Hummingbird Law’s emphasis while establishing ourselves as an extraordinary boutique law firm in the Greater Toronto Area. Our dedication to building a strong roster of skilled lawyers has led us to being known for our personalized and pragmatic approach to finding legal solutions. Our team is well-equipped to deal with a wide-ranging number of services in both the personal and corporate fields of law. Aiming to expand our corporate services, Hummingbird Law is now offering Legal Counsel as a service (LCaaS©).

What is LCaaS©?

Many companies need or would highly benefit from having full time in-house legal resources on staff; not just for spot legal work, but also to gain a competitive advantage by having an intelligent risk manager and problem solver as part of any decision making process. Seeing all the angles and avoiding costly mistakes can make companies millions – but the only way this can happen is if your legal resource truly understands your business from a day-day perspective – intimately.

This is where Legal Counsel as a Service comes in.

LCaaS solves the problem of having a fully integrated legal counselor or team of lawyers (that operate in the same manner as your full time employees or partners) on demand in both availability and pay. You get all the benefits of an employee with none of the risk, training, or HR demands.

LCaaS is  an outsourced counsel service offered by Hummingbird to help companies reduce costs on legal resources, but still have access to legal counsel that is always up to date and current with your company and its activities.  We will set you up with a single point of contact –  a corporate quarterback – for all of your ad-hoc inquiries and to meet with daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. Your quarterback will be selected from our team of corporate lawyers after an initial on-boarding session to find you the perfect match – a combination of culture and industry experience.

As your needs expand beyond general corporate work to include specialized needs in

your quarterback will bring in the needed resources from different practice groups in the firm – and due to the collaborative nature of our firm and the close relationship you already have, those other counselors will be quickly up to speed and ready to assist.

Essentially, there are two categories that LCaaS aims to serve.

  • Companies with In-House Counsel
    • Some companies who already have in-house legal teams may not want to expand their resources by adding additional full-time members. LCaaS offers a fast and cost-effective way of accessing specialized legal skillsets, certified specialists, and temporarily scaling for high loads without constantly having to source and bring new counsel up to speed.
  • Companies without In-House Counsel
    • In this instance, a company may need regular legal support but not the need, or desire, for a full-time, in-house lawyer.

Hummingbird’s LCaaS can help companies with existing in-house counsel as the captain for your legal resource team. Your captain becomes the point-of-contact between your company and our firm, acting as an ambassador. In this, he can offer support and advice around the clock and can be a conduit connecting general counsel to Hummingbird’s Network of experts. Through the expertise of our network, we can provide counsel on a wider array of practice areas.

For companies without legal counsel, your captain’s knowledge and experience can be utilized as they act as a senior legal counsel at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time counsel team, or relying completely on general law firm counsel. They can answer any questions, consult on a multitude of subjects and be in place for anything you would use a senior advisor or resource for. Your captain will be put in place to ensure that you can be connected with the people you need, exactly when you need them.

Our firm understands that companies who need regular legal counsel may have members from several different firms that they often use. However, a common complaint is that they may be too slow in responding to urgent requests and day-to-day matters, or that their costs may be too high. Hummingbird Law is offering a solution to those complaints.

Here are the services that LCaaS offers:

  • strategic advice
  • risk management
  • commercial contracts
  • service agreements
  • purchase agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • vendor/supplier agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • marketing agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • employment contracts/offers
  • independent contractor agreements
  • privacy matters
  • Freedom of Information requests/responses
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various commercial lease agreements
  • employment agreements
  • employment/HR policies
  • employment terminations and severance pay
  • Secretarial services – board meetings, preparing and maintaining company minutes, resolutions, and register

Contact us today for a consultation for Legal Counsel as a Service with Hummingbird Lawyers LLP. We can establish transparent budgeting, and flat rates when possible. Also, by offering volume-based discounts we have a fantastic price proposition in comparison to traditional firms. This allows us to provide a personalized approach to any legal counsel your company needs.


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