Commercial Real Estate Lawyers & Residential Real Estate Lawyers

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Property transactions deserve attention to detail, forethought, and speed. From agreement of purchase and sale to due diligence to closing, we work with you to get the deal done properly, effectively and efficiently.

Commercial Law

Hummingbird represents vendors and purchasers of office, industrial, retail spaces and single-purpose facilities. We also act for borrowers and lenders using real property for security.

With our long history of commercial real estate dealings, we regularly advise clients on efficient means to structure deals in the areas of development, leasing, and sales.

Residential Law

Serving the community for over 15 years we have built strong relationships with lending institutions, real-estate agents, brokers, and the city. Our strong relationships ensure that your purchase, sale or refinance go smoothly.

The Hummingbird Difference

Commercial real estate lawyer


You need to be able to call your real estate lawyer, ask questions and have them answered with ease. A good real estate lawyer has seen many transactions, in our case thousands. Transactions ranging from small interfamilial loans to the acquisition of multi-tenanted shopping plazas. This gives us insight into pretty much anything the transaction can throw your way. 15 years of law speaks volumes on its own, but the real voice comes from our clients. Ask any one of our clients how we service them, how we are available by email or phone when they need us and you will know you are in the right hands.

real estate lawyer Vaughan

real estate lawyer Vaughan


There are many moving pieces to a real estate transaction, sometimes hundreds in the case of commercial transactions. This means you need the right team and not just the right lawyer. Our real estate team is comprised of proactive, intelligent people and not simply passive clerks. We go above and beyond and treat every transaction as our own.

Our team also extends well beyond our office walls. The relationships we have with the city, the municipal services, the banks and the entire community that is a part of a purchase and sale. You want Hummingbird as your team.

Industrial real estate lawyer


At Hummingbird, we take our business seriously. We have invested in crafting business and software systems that ensure the process of transacting a real estate purchase or sale is managed properly and with the highest attention to detail. From getting and securely storing your personal and real estate information to title searches to close, we lead the process in every way.


Real estate transactions are generally the largest single purchase any one person or corporation makes. Even renting or leasing can amount to one of the largest single recurring expenses on your books.

We respect the gravity of the transaction and the stakes at play.  We work with clients who share these same values and appreciate the costs involved.  Real Estate transactions are the last place you want to cut corners or look to get a bargain.

Our full suite of Real Estate Services

  • Agreement Of Purchase And Sales

  • Lending And Borrowing

  • Leasing (Landlord and Tenant)

  • Estate Title Transfers

  • Title Insurance & Title Remedies

  • Title Transfers

  • Joint Ownership Severances

  • Land Severances

  • Private Lending & Mortgage Enforcement

  • Loan Security Documents

  • Property Development and Project Management Agreements

  • Real Property Agreements

  • Incorporation and Organization of Ontario and Federal Corporations

  • Incorporation of Professional Corporations

  • Partnership, Joint Venture, and Shareholder Agreements

  • Business Name Registrations

  • Purchase and Sale of Business by way of Assets

  • Purchase and Sale of Business by way of Shares

  • Shareholder/Partner Buyouts

  • Corporate Restructurings and Reorganizations

  • Corporate Record Maintenance

  • Licensing, Distribution, Marketing, and Franchising Arrangements

  • Equity and Cash Incentive Arrangements

    • Stock Option Plans

    • Option Agreements

    • Employee Incentive Plans

  • Business Agreements

  • Planning Acquisition Strategies

This is not the first time that I have hired Hummingbird or Andrew for a transaction. As usual, professional, prompt, expert, reasonably priced services were delivered. As I was doing a simple mortgage refinance at the end of a term, I worked with Christine for much of the transaction. She was well-informed, helpful and friendly. I will definitely use Hummingbird again!

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is one of the most dominant Vaughan law firms in Vaughan. Our real estate lawyer Vaughan Office includes:

  • Real Estate Lawyer Woodbridge
  • Real Estate Lawyer Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
  • Real Estate Lawyer Maple
  • Real Estate Lawyer Thornhill
  • Real Estate Lawyer Concord
  • Real Estate Lawyer Kleinburg

Contact our legal team or Andrew Fortis, head of Real Estate Lawyers Toronto, and Real Estate Lawyers Vaughan, for more information about our comprehensive residential and commercial real estate offerings.