• Financial Abuse Financial Abuse and Divorce - Financial abuse is a form of domestic violence. If you or someone you love is a victim, this article provides valuable information and resources for you.
  • Steps To Take When Co-Parents Disagree When Co-Parents Disagree on Covid Vaccine - With the Ontario government’s aggressive rollout program to administer covid-19 vaccines to every Ontario resident ages 12 years and older, co-parents are faced with an interesting family law issue when it comes to vaccinating their children against covid-19.
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Hummingbird Lawyers LLP

Your Nearby Lawyers In Toronto and Vaughan

Located in the heart of Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario, Hummingbird Lawyers has prided itself on becoming an extraordinary boutique law firm. Since we began operations, Hummingbird has been dedicated to building a strong team of experienced and skilled lawyers. In that journey we formed a family.

Our family is committed to being known for our deeds, actions and knowledge; not just our last names. We stand alongside one another and work together to provide a positive and lasting outcome to the situation at hand. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every client leaves our office satisfied, knowing that they have received a reasonable solution to any legal challenge.


hummingbird network


Hummingbird has created an extensive real-world network among our clients, partners, suppliers, and our extended strategic family.

alternative billing


we understand risk well and can formulate pricing plans and financing options that match almost any of our clients’ financial needs.

hummingbird cloud


Everyone who is a part of Hummingbird benefits from the latest technology to access essential documents and communicate on important matters.


  • Jonathan Barr provided us with excellent service. Jonathan is professional, knowledgeable, personable and extremely efficient. He is a great lawyer. Jonathan’s goal is to provide great service on a personal level. He truly cares about his clients and wants the best possible outcome. He replied to our email on the same day and gave us timely feedback and suggestions for moving forward.
    We certainly felt like we were in trustworthy hands. We highly recommend Jonathan Barr!

    Fiorella and Joseph Lo Curto

  • I'm extremely pleased with the highly personalized, professional advice offered by Amy MacAlpine. She not only took the time to understand my needs, but also offered solutions that were specifically customized to my situation. Best part: all documents are available safely and securely online. Start to finish, the whole process was as easy and efficient as possible.

    Jean Adams, PhD

  • Andrew Fortis, it is such an honour and privilege to work with an "A Class" lawyer such as yourself. You are extremely knowledgable and detailed orientated. You always have our best interested at heart. Thomas and I just want to send our heartfelt thanks for an EXCEPTIONAL JOB with our triplex leases. I know that we had very specific needs with the individual units, but your creativity, focus and knowledge was supreme. You helped us navigate through some very complex issues and now that we have this SOLID lease in place, we are so thrilled and relieved. What we love most about working with you is that you are extremely prompt in getting back to your clients and I love the fact that I can reach you DIRECTLY!!! There is nothing worse than having to always leave a message with the assistant or secretary and waiting a whole day or more to get a response. Your level of tech savviness is also much appreciated considering we live so far. I love that we can communicate through all different types of mediums. Most importantly, your calibre of work is second-to-none. After our previous real estate lawyer that we have been with for over a decade retired, we were at a loss. We were introduced to other lawyers, but none met our criteria until we met you!!! Your professionalism and vault of knowledge is incredible for lack of a better word. When we do a transaction with you we have the confidence of knowing that you will fight to protect our interest. Every dollar we spent on your services was MONEY WELL SPENT!!! Having peace of mind, protection and quality work is PRICELESS!!!

    Thank you Andrew for always putting forth 110% effort each time!!! This is why we are so proud you are our representative. In our words, you are the "BEST IN THE INDUSTRY"!!!


  • The Little Black Book Of
    Talent Agency

    The Little Black Book of Talent Agency is a collection of frequently asked questions from young actors in Ontario about interactions with talent agencies. - Daniel Wulffhart

    The Little Black Book of Talent Agency
  • The Little Black Book Of

    The Little Black Book of Employment is authored by Amiri Dear, an Associate in the Civil Litigation Division of Hummingbird Lawyers LLP, who has a special interest in employment and real estate-related litigation.- Jean Adams, Phd

    The Little Black Book Of Employment
  • The Little Black Book Of

    The Little Black Book of Easements is a collection of frequently asked questions along with their answers to help clients understand easements better. -Andrew Fortis

    The Little Black Book Of Easements
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    A collection of frequently asked questions along with their answers to help clients understand the process of probate better. -Amy MacAlpine

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    Professional Corporations

    The Little Black Book of Professional Corporations is a collection of frequently asked questions along with their answers to help clients understand professional corporations better.

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    The Little Black Book of Divorce is a collection of frequently asked questions along with their answers to help clients to better understand the divorce process. - Adina Schild

    The Little Black Book Of Divorce By Adina Schild
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