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Estate Planning Lawyer Toronto
Estate Planning Lawyer Toronto Estate planning is the process of planning how one’s estate will be distributed and managed after their death or when the individual becomes incapacitated.  Below are a list of services we offer to ensure your Estate planning needs are taken care of.
  • Wills are essential documents to be written before death. Without a Will, your assets may not necessarily end up going to the people you thought they would.
  • Your Last Will and Testament Your Last Will and Testament outline and enforce your wishes regarding your estate. Dying without one may mean your assets will be distributed against your wishes.
  • Corporate Will/Secondary Will Having a corporate Will ensures that when you pass, your corporation’s assets will be held in trust. Separating business and personal assets makes probate easier.
  • Power of Attorney for Property We put together frequently asked questions about Powers of Attorney For Property (Assets). These include, What is a Power of Attorney? Do I need two Powers of Attorney? Can a Power of Attorney be used after death? and more.
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care We put together Commonly Asked Questions about Power of Attorney For Personal Care (Medical) so you can understand it better.
  • Family Trusts Overseen by an appointed trustee, a family trust describes the legal relationship between the grantor and the beneficiaries of the trust.
  • Henson Trusts Set up through the will, a Henson Trust is highly recommended when a beneficiary of the trust has special needs. In this situation, the appointed trustee has sole discretion with respect to the distribution of assets and funds to the beneficiary.
  • Inter Vivos Trusts Set up while one is still living, an inter vivos trust allows the beneficiaries to receive trust income and as such, it is taxed differently than other trust structures.
  • Succession Planning This is the process of replacing or developing strategies to replace leadership roles within an organization when a vacancy becomes available.
We provide excellent personal service to all of our clients and establish life-long relationships that you can rely on and trust.  We have an excellent team of Wills & Estates lawyers and we can assist with any estate planning needs. Contact Amanda Puddister at 905-731-1911 ext. 206 for more information about our Estate Planning services.

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