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Are you looking to have a will? It’s important that all the details are covered fully to avoid major issues that could arise with a distribution of assets. You need a good law firm that will help you in the process. You are In the right place! At Hummingbird Lawyers, we pride ourselves in our many years of experience and knowledge being utilized to better serve Toronto and the GTA.

Estate Planning is imperative for all types of people, whether young or old, whether or not you have significant assets.

Hummingbird Lawyers facilitates the preparation and execution of critical estate planning legal document.

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Why Do I Need A Will?

In a case of dying without a will, your money may not automatically go to the people you think. An unknown third party such as the Court would make Custodial decisions for your minor aged children. The funds that your family needs could be tied up in probate court for a length of time.


Save The Trouble, Hire A Will Lawyer Today!

We help clients determine what documents are needed to prevent these outcomes and honour your wishes. Our services protect your wishes and the people who depend on you. So make no mistakes! Our Toronto-based team of Wills and Estates Lawyers will save you a lot of future trouble by simply working with you on covering all small details.

Administration and Estate Litigation in Toronto

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Estate administration can be a lengthy and complex matter. Hummingbird Lawyers LLP can assist Executors and Trustees in obtaining the authority to perform necessary duties and distribute the estate properly. Whether you have beneficiary disagreements, challenges, or need the Court’s advice, Hummingbird Lawyers is there to support and guide you. Hummingbird Lawyers also assists when you need to process a claim against the estate such as dependent claims, passing of accounts, or guardianship applications. We provide excellent personal service to all of our clients and establish life-long relationships that you can rely on and trust. We have an excellent team of estate lawyers and we can assist with any administration and estate litigation.

Our Full Suite of Wills and Estates Services

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