Entertainment Lawyer Toronto Canada

Entertainment Lawyer Toronto

Careers in the entertainment industry are as diverse as its employee base. Whether you are in the spotlight or behind the scenes, Toronto entertainment lawyers at Hummingbird Lawyers LLP provide a comprehensive range of legal services for our talented clients.

In order to provide clients with tailored, individualized service, the team draws on their collective backgrounds. Through their backgrounds of work, they have gained experience in many areas of the entertainment industry. These areas include:

  • Films and Television
  • Radio and Music
  • Sports
  • Live Performance and Comedy
  • Video Games

Working in the entertainment industry means working with many different types of clients, from large production companies, music publishers, and record labels, to independent artists making films, television shows, and other productions. We do it all; but with an emphasis on a cost-effective and organized structure that we understand is realistic for our artists of any prominence.

At Hummingbird Law, our team’s mission is to take on our clients, not just their cases. We understand that behind every case, there is an entertainer with a creative mind producing their art. We take great pride in rolling up our sleeves and investing our available resources into great people and their creative projects.

If you are involved in the entertainment industry, at any level, and want to consult with an entertainment lawyer, Toronto based Hummingbird Lawyers LLP can be there. Please contact  Ankur Narula, or email entertainment@hummingbirdlaw.com for more information on our wide range of legal services.

Our full suite of Entertainment Services

  • Artist Incorporations and Organizations
    Many visual artists and many other creative people are content with being self-employed, but without artist incorporation, their assets may be at risk.
  • Band Partnership / Joint-Venture Agreements
    Growing from a garage band to headlining shows can be overwhelming. Without a Joint-Venture Agreement, relationships with managers or bandmates can quickly decline.
  • Talent Agency / Representation Agreements
    As an artist, securing an agent can grow your career. However, you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your Talent Agency/Representation Agreement.
  • Development and Production Agreements
  • Financing and Investor Agreements
    Financing and Investor Agreement is in place to ensure that an investment, and investor assets, are protected as they aim to finance a creative project.
  • Screenwriter and Concept Protections (Copyright, Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Singer and Songwriter Agreements
  • Recording and Publishing Agreements
  • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
  • Literary Publishing Agreements
  • Option-Purchase Agreements
  • Advertising and Merchandising Agreements
  • Artist Immigration to Ontario for Performances / Projects
  • Trademark Protection and Intellectual Property Law
  • and More!

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