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hummingbird networkSocial networking has become the new standard for connecting with like-minded people, but the real magic and value of a network comes from what happens offline, which is why in addition to its deep online social networks, Hummingbird has created an extensive real-world network among our clients, partners, suppliers, and our extended strategic family.

These networks that we have been building and growing for decades are what we use at Hummingbird Law to make things happen for our clients.

A stair forms at the intersection of two matching pieces of wood – just as opportunity forms at the intersection of two like-minded people.

Our networks branch out into both of our main areas of focus. Our Corporate Practice Group (CPG) can help if you are buying or selling a business, looking for business intelligence or searching for a partner and some venture capital.

Our Personal Practice Group (PPG) can help you if you are stuck in a real estate transaction and need a few hundred thousand at the 11th hour.

Corporate Practice Group

The CPG combines skilled lawyers and legal professionals across commercial real estate, corporate law, civil litigation, and employment lawThe ability for clients to access a diverse group of specialists and build a multi-disciplinary group of advisors in these areas allows them to gain a better understanding of risks and leverage opportunities in ways both small and larger, more disconnected firms cannot provide. Built in to the CPG is a network of peripheral professional service providers, including accountants, business valuators, trustees and bankers to assist in even the most unique transaction.

Personal Practice Group

The PPG at Hummingbird Lawyers includes Wills & Estates Law, Family Law, Residential Real Estate and Employment Law (employee rights). Our personal side of law serves a collection of complimentary services. This allows us to help match you with marriage counselors, old age care, funeral services, realtors, bankers, and more to help you get through a difficult time in an efficient and stress-relieving way. We value the idea of having our clients, and ourselves, plugged into a strong network because it helps us help you.

What we have always hoped to accomplish through our networking is that we can help you make the connections you need to protect and grow your world.


Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of business and corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law, family and divorce, litigation, and immigration.

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