Legal Counsel For Individuals and families

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is dedicated to providing the Vaughan community and the Greater Toronto Area with individualized and cost-effective legal counsel. Our focus is on offering a pragmatic and affordable solution to a wide-ranging number of sensitive and personal legal matters.

With some of these legal matters, things can quickly become overwhelming and are often seen in a negative light. Such as the financial impacts of personal civil lawsuits, the many responsibilities that come with being an executor, the heartache in divorce and custody disputes and the stress of enforcing your prenuptial agreements. Our roster of personal lawyers are well-equiped to handle the toughest legal matters that may affect you, your family or your assets. We understand these situations and can represent you; walking through them to make things a littile easier.

On the other hand, you have some instances that can be the highlights of your life. Highlights like buying a house or selling a house, signing your new employment contract for your dream job, fighting for your rights as an employee, incorporating yourself as an artist or signing a representation agreement with a new talent agency. While exciting, they can still be stressful without the right help and that's where Hummingbird can step in.

Our Personal Legal Counsel and Services include:

While serving as personal lawyers in Vaughan, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, the Hummingbird Family has cultivated and grown a large network. We draw on the expertise and advice of this network often to ensure that each matter we handle is being resolved professionally and being dealt with appropriately.

Working alongside one another to help our clients with personal legal matters reaffirms our commitment to being known for more than just our last names: but instead. our actions and results. Consulting with one another and drawing on the knowledge of our network provides our clients with the ideal service that has made Hummingbird Law a household legal brand in the GTA.

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