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Every year around this time, my mom reminds me that October is the anniversary of when we arrived in Canada. It was 1986, I was a toddler, and my mom brought me all the way here from South Africa on her own. My dad was already in Canada trying to find an apartment and a place for the family to grow. We were lucky, given my parents’ professions, and Canada’s economic needs at the time, that we were eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

With every additional year in Canada, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have made that move. My brothers were born here, my family grew here, and in the last few years, I have been lucky to marry and have two Canadian born children of my own. I will never take for granted the privilege we have of living in this country, and of the benefits that it brings to every element of our lives.

My Canadian story has evolved over the last 34 years, and I am fortunate to add a new chapter to that story with my being given the opportunity to help Hummingbird Lawyers LLP begin to offer immigration services to our clients.

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I began practicing immigration law just over four years ago. I had experience in civil litigation and was looking for an opportunity to do something slightly different, with a bit of a change of pace.

After I took the leap, and people asked me what area of law I practised, I always received different reactions when I told them “immigration”. A few asked me what it was like, but the most common question I got was “why?”

Answering that question has become easier and easier over the last four years. I practice immigration law because it is an area of law that is challenging, that is fulfilling, and that is dynamic. With global trends changing on a daily basis, immigration blends law and current events with the life experiences of each and every one of our clients.

Central to practicing immigration law is to realize that everyone has a story. Whether they are looking to come to Canada to further their studies, to find employment opportunities, whether they are fleeing a life or death situation in their home country, or to be reunited with a family member, every immigrant has a personal story that helps strengthen the fabric of Canadian society and culture.

Indeed, Canada is already a country of immigrants. In fact, in this very law firm, we have employees with roots in South Africa, Moldova, Israel, USA, Croatia, Morocco, Iran, Peru, Russia, Belarus, and Chile.

It is the stories that bring immigrants to Canada however that make this country what it is. Canadians overwhelmingly value the contribution of immigrants, and more likely than not come from immigration backgrounds themselves. They know the impact that positive immigration policy can have on a country’s success, and with immigration becoming an incredibly topical buzzword in the last few years, Canada’s strength in this field has shone through.

Though the Canadian immigration regime is often difficult to understand or navigate, it has been my pleasure over the last four years to get to know many newcomers and hopefully potential newcomers to Canada. I have heard their stories, I have learned what draws them to this country, and I know that in more cases than not, we come from a similar background: a small family, looking for opportunities for personal and economic growth in a wonderful new country.

For this reason, I am thrilled to begin this new chapter with Hummingbird Lawyer LLP. I can’t wait to learn your story, and help you achieve your immigration goals.

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    Adam Hummel is an Associate Lawyer in the Immigration practice, and Wills & Estates practice groups at Hummingbird Lawyers LLP.

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