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Corporate Legal Services & Counsel

There are many things that can be overlooked in the corporate world – and to deal with it, legal action may be the necessary route. Whether you’re securing your first commercial property to start your dream business, looking at gaining capital to further grow your company or even aiming to merge or acquire another business, a corporate lawyer can be your saviour. Of course, those are only several examples, corporate law comes in many forms that allows for your business to run smoothly.

Whether it be an employment lawyer protecting an employer through drafting and reviewing employment agreements, a litigant dealing with mortgage enforcement or shareholder disputes[1] or a business lawyer helping with a corporate restructuring, buying or selling shares or drafting general agreements and documents there are a multitude of different legal avenues in the corporate realm.

Hummingbird Law can be on your side to help you protect and improve your venture. Business and Corporate Law, and all that it encompasses is Hummingbird’s expertise.

Our experienced roster of corporate and business lawyers have established themselves in the Greater Toronto Area’s corporate field. Through this, the team has cultivated a deep-rooted network that they often consult with to lend their advice and expertise on a multitude of legal matters. This network has allowed us to reach out and make connections all over the GTA and its surrounding area.

Drawing on the wealth of experience in the network affords our team the opportunity to ensure that every consultation and legal decision is made to fall in line with each client’s core business interests.

Offering counsel on a wide range of matters, our Corporate Legal services and Counsel include:

Hummingbird Law’s focus is not just on corporations or large-scale businesses, we often act for start-ups franchisees and family enterprises. The Hummingbird Team prides itself in working in conjunction with our established network to represent professionals, new businesses and companies to ensure that their strategic objectives are met and that they are properly equipped to meet their goals.

Ultimately, our clients want to ensure that their assets and ventures are protected. To ensure this, the Hummingbird Team keeps our client’s best business interests at the forefront of every consultation as they progress or protect their venture while finding a solution to their corporate legal matters.

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Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of business and corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law, family and divorce, litigation, and immigration.

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