Corporate Shareholder & Partnership Dispute Litigation

Corporate Shareholder & Partnership Dispute Litigation
Corporate Shareholder & Partnership Dispute Litigation

Complicated legal disputes can arise when partners or shareholders have competing interests or they suspect company mismanagement. Types of common disputes can include breaches of fiduciary duty, whereby a partner fails to serve their duty to act in the best interest of the company, or a disagreement over the way the work and resources are being allocated or distributed.

Oftentimes, these disputes cannot be resolved without the court’s involvement. The civil litigation department at Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is armed with knowledge, experience and success in partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, as well as advocating for both secured and unsecured creditors’ rights.

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Partnership Disputes

When a partnership dispute arises, you should contact a Hummingbird litigation lawyer as soon as possible.

Our civil litigation team will assist you in determining your rights as per the partnership agreement and in identifying whether there are any other documents that could strengthen your case. We can also work with you to determine whether alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration are possible, in order to quickly and efficiently resolve your partnership dispute.

Regardless of the cause or nature of your partnership dispute, Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is here to provide you with the support, knowledge and strategy you need.

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Shareholder Disputes

In addition to a company’s shareholder agreement, the Ontario Business Corporations Act exists to protect shareholders’ rights.

Shareholder disputes can include fraud, oppression of minority shareholders, share price disputes, derivative actions, breach of fiduciary duty, violations of the shareholder agreement, forced buyout of shares and the dissolution of the business.

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP will carefully review the terms and conditions of your shareholder agreement and guide you through the dispute process. We will work alongside you to determine whether there is a legitimate claim and how to best approach and resolve the dispute.

Creditors Rights / Bankruptcy / Secured Unsecured Creditors

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP works with both secured and unsecured creditors to assist you in recovering debts owed to you. We will also advise you on the most effective strategies and methods to pursue litigation based on your specific circumstances.

Contact our civil litigation lawyers at Hummingbird Lawyers LLP to learn more about how we can help you.

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