The Civil Litigation Team is by Your Side

The Litigation Team is Always by Your Side

The Litigation Team is Always by Your Side

Civil litigation is a long and winding road.

But not one you must travel alone.

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP is a family of lawyers that work in collaboration.

Its multi-disciplinary approach to law is the supportive foundation for its litigation division.

Whether it’s matters pertaining to corporate, commercial, technology, real estate or employment law, clients can depend on its lawyers when they encounter legal disputes.

The civil litigation team at Hummingbird Lawyers is always by your side when you decide to take the journey into the legal arena.

Heading the division is Senior Counsel Jonathan Barr.

A dedicated and passionate litigator who will take up your cause with the goal of bringing your case to a successful conclusion through settlement or trial.

Always Looking for Settlement Opportunities

“Clients would prefer not to go to trial if it can be avoided,” says Jonathan.

“As lawyers, we have a responsibility to our clients to fiercely advocate their position, while at the same time looking for strategic settlement opportunities.

It’s part of our cost-effective approach when serving our clients.”

Jonathan and associate lawyer Amiri Dear know how important it is to be able to work with opposing counsel to come to an agreeable resolution.

“It’s essential that we work to narrow the issues with the goal of settlement,” says Amiri.

“With the client’s best interests in mind, our goal is to achieve a timely agreement with the best possible result.”

Both Jonathan and Amiri recognize that initiating or defending a lawsuit can be a very emotional time for a client during their first meeting.

The plaintiffs feel wronged and want compensation.

Defendants can become upset when served with a claim.

It’s the job of the civil litigation lawyer to put their client at ease.

civil Litigation lawyers Keeping Clients Informed

Always Keeping Clients Informed

“We’re always upfront with our clients and they deserve and appreciate this approach,” says Amiri.

“We want them to clearly understand the civil litigation process and work with them every step of the way.”

Jonathan explains that they encourage their clients to take a calm approach to what can be for many a difficult emotional challenge.

“Some are very upset and want to sue on principle,” he says.

“So, we take time to work with them to put the matter in the proper perspective devising a strategy that will bring them whole in a measured and cost-effective way.”

Honesty and transparency are the foundations of the Hummingbird Lawyers relationship with its clients in all its divisions.

Jonathan and Amiri take time to explain the journey and directions the matter could encounter and keep them informed at all stages from the first contact with the opposing side to pleadings, discovery, trial, appeals and enforcement of the judgment.

“But each client is different in their need regarding the progress of their case,” says Amiri.

“Some just want updates on a periodic basis while others want to know every detail of the case.

It’s a collaborative process and we make them feel confident and that we’re always available to keep them up to speed on the latest development of their matter.”


Sometimes Trials Can’t Be Avoided

But sometimes parties reach a stalemate and going to trial can’t be avoided.

That’s when the civil litigation team gets strongly behind its clients.

When it comes to trials, Jonathan is squarely in his element and anyone who’s seen a trial in film or on TV knows there’s an element of theatre.

“I’ve always liked to perform, whether it was music or drama,” he says.

“The challenge of exercising my mind and performing for an audience is why becoming a lawyer appealed to me at a young age.”

When he worked in his first law firm, Jonathan saw how dynamic the atmosphere was and he was drawn to litigation.

But not all lawyers choose this discipline and it’s why Hummingbird Lawyers is a success story in the GTA.

Each member of the firm plays to their strengths in a wide variety of legal matters and work together as a unified team.

“While a settlement is always preferable, going to trial is always a possibility,” says Jonathan.

“That’s why we explain the process in detail and what their role will be in the trial.

The emphasis is always on preparation, theirs and ours.”

Jonathan and Amiri devote their time to every aspect of preparation from working with the client on their testimony to securing witnesses, exhibits, legal research and knowing the facts and evidence of the opposing side’s case.

Like a game of chess, they want to be several moves ahead in order to be prepared for any challenges they may confront.

“Preparation is the key to a successful outcome,” says Jonathan.

“If you are properly prepared, you can effectively change direction or strategy when you encounter the unexpected.”

Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favours the prepared mind”.

For the Civil Litigators at Hummingbird Lawyers, a prepared mind leaves nothing to chance.

Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of business and corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law, family and divorce, litigation, and immigration.

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