John Daldin

John Daldin- hummingbird Business Developer

John works with Hummingbird lawyers as a business development consultant, primarily for corporate and entertainment focused clients. While his past work for Merrill Lynch Canada solidified a broad range of experience in multiple commercial industries, it was in founding Slate Worldwide Inc., a Canadian-based boutique financing firm, that John found his passion for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. At Slate Worldwide, John assists corporations in leveraging their assets in media, entertainment, content, gaming, technology, and international banking transactions. He also specializes in fostering synergistic relationships between parties that have the means to assist each other in a variety of ways.

John’s affiliation with Hummingbird consists of network-establishing activities but also relies heavily on his ability to contribute to the development and execution of the firm’s core values, including its desire to bring a multi-faceted service to its clients. John’s expert networking skills further benefit clients by convening teams to help bring their projects to life. His passion for fueling growing businesses has found him a place in the Hummingbird family.


Phone: 416.278.7238

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