Corporate Legal Services & Counsel

There are many things that can be overlooked in the corporate world – a rock-solid legal partner is not one of them. Whether you’re securing your first commercial property to start your dream business, looking at gaining capital to further grow your company or even aiming to merge or acquire another business, a corporate lawyer can be your asset.

Hummingbird Corporate Services

All-encompassing Business Law Services​

The Business and Corporate Lawyers at Hummingbird Lawyers LLP represent professionals and companies with a focus on family enterprise, retail, media, information technology, construction and real estate ventures.

Business and Commercial Litigation Services​

When an out of court settlement isn’t going to happen, Hummingbird Lawyers LLP will litigate on your behalf to resolve disputes in an array of business/commercial matters.

Real Estate Services

Our Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Team has strong relationships with lending institutions, real estate agents and brokers. They get the deal done properly, effectively and efficiently.

Employment Law Services​

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP resolves a wide variety of employment law matters ensuring clients receive the fair treatment and compensation they’re entitled to by law.

Mediation & Arbitration Services​

It’s always better to settle out of court. At Hummingbird Lawyers LLP, we employ alternative mediation and arbitration techniques to bring about efficient and sustainable resolutions to complex disputes.

Legal Counsel as a Service​

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP provides clients with personalized and practical legal counsel offering a sensible and knowledgeable solution to a wide range of sensitive and personal legal matters.

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