Dead Man’s Unsent Text Accepted As Will

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Radio Interview With Amy MacAlpine

Tasha Kheiriddin from Global news is interviewing Amy MacAlpine about a unique story in Australia.

After a man committed suicide an email was found in his draft folder instructing what he wish to do with his assets after he dies. The law in Australia states that in order for a will to be valid it needs to be signed by two witnesses. Yet in this case, the court has accepted the will. Would That Be Allowed In Canada?

The question now is, would that be allowed in Canada?

What happens if you die without a will in Ontario?

The bottom line message is if you don’t have one yet, have a lawyer write you a will.

Listen to the interview here.

See what happens when dying without a will.

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Amy MacAlpine is a partner at Hummingbird Lawyers. She supports clients in the Will & Estates areas including planning, administration and litigation.

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