Family Enterprise

Family Business Enterprise

Family Business Enterprise

Family Enterprise Specialists are people who can focus on the unique needs and skills of your family and family-oriented business while helping your family (and your business) hone these skills to further support internal growth and success. They help provide personal and business support to you and your family members to ensure and preserve success for future generations. In other words, they help maximize the benefits and skills of your business, while ensuring your legacy lasts for generations to come.

Fact About Family Enterprise

80% of all worldwide businesses are family-owned and/or controlled. These businesses also contribute upwards to 50% of global Gross Domestic Product. Despite its massive size, there is little focus in the market (and in general business laws and practices) on the needs and issues that arise in these businesses. Through our experiences, we understand the specific personalities, skills, and concerns that remain unique to family businesses, and have the resources and heart to deal with those concerns and skills and provide security and ensure that any transitions that occur run as smooth as possible.

How We Can Help You With Family Enterprise?

As supporters of family enterprise, we aim to secure your family and business. We do this by helping develop your commercial vision, your personal and corporate wills, your family’s economic future, your personal and commercial investments, and smooth transition management when necessary, all while providing ongoing professional counsel and maintaining key relationships.

Hummingbird Lawyers prides itself as experts in Family Enterprise. Our familiarity and specialization as a boutique firm will cater to the needs of you and your family. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your commercial and personal needs, using all our resources and cross-practice connections to ensure stable, quality growth both with your business and your commercial relations.

Family Enterprise Multi-Disciplinary Services


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