Title Dispute

Title Dispute

Title Dispute Due To A Property Dispute

What is a Title Dispute?

Title disputes arise when there is a disagreement over who owns a specific property, and the amount of land that specified property covers.

While they may be less common – as property records are much clearer then they used to be – title disputes still happen.

As an example, these are most commonly brought up in the form of a boundary dispute between neighbours.

Property Disputes

Property disputes can arise from one neighbour wanting to install something new on their property, while the other neighbour may believe that it is too close to their property line.

Things such as landscaping features, fencing or a shed can be the cause of a property dispute.

This video explains what property title is and why it is important to have title insurance for homeowners.

Understand Your Property And Its Boundaries With Your Property Title

There are many different resources available to you to help you understand your property, its boundaries and your rights as an owner.

Knowing this can help curb a potential dispute.

Know your title

A real estate title outlines ownership of a specific piece of property that is outlined on a deed.

A title mostly covers an owner’s rights of the property, including; possession, property easements and water and mineral rights.

Protect Your Boundaries

property dispute lawyer OntarioAlways be aware of the boundary lines of your property.

Knowing these lines before adding an installment on your property, or landscaping can prevent many issues from starting.

Finding your property lines is now much easier.

There are physical and digital resources available to all property owners.

With Ontario-based Protect Your Boundaries being a prime example of an online asset.

Service Ontario’s website also provides many options when searching for land property records, updating documents and is Ontario’s official record of land property.

Knowledge of your title can help deter a title or property dispute.

Always be sure to record your title as a property owner as well.

A recorded title can include specific details that help outline ownership rights, such as mortgage information, easements and liens.

While they may not be as common, title disputes still happen. When, or if, a dispute happens there are options available.

Seeking legal advice can help you understand your title, the property that you own in a deed and what legal steps you may need to take to protect your rights as a landowner.

Title Dispute Lawyer For Property Litigations

Title Dispute LawyerKnowing your title inside and out, including your rights, your deed and your property is the most fundamental thing to be aware of when moving forward in the event of a dispute.

While being aware of your title can help deter a dispute in the first place, knowing all of its details and being sure that you understand them is the most beneficial thing for someone who may be seeking, or being subject to, a dispute.

Seeking legal counsel can also greatly help when moving forward.

A title dispute lawyer can help you see your title, property boundaries and ownership rights in a new light.

If a title dispute cannot be resolved, it can sometimes go to court.

Going to court over property ownership, boundary infringement or mortgage information can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Fortunately, the civil litigation lawyers at Hummingbird Lawyers can stand up for your ownership rights and protect your best interests in court.

Contact Hummingbird Lawyers today to set up a consultation with a title dispute lawyer and see what your next steps to win the dispute.

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