Walmart Vaughan distribution centre

Walmart Vaughan distribution centre min
Walmart Vaughan distribution centre min
Walmart Vaughan distribution centre min
The City of Vaughan recently celebrated the ground-breaking of a new 550,000 square foot Walmart distribution centre at Jane St. and Teston Road creating several hundred construction jobs over the next four years and hundreds of employees when it opens in 2024. The facility will handle general merchandise and food products from about 3,000 suppliers. It is one of two new centres, the other in Surrey B.C., that is part of a $3.5 billion expansion plan. Walmart Canada CEO Hortacio Barbeito says it’s going to be a world class facility helping the company grow in Ontario and Canada and making business simpler for its customers. Vaughan is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and more and more people and businesses are locating here because of the great lifestyle, business, and career opportunities. No longer known as “The City Above Toronto”, it has come into its own and as the community expands to a population of more than 400,000, the need for professional legal services is also growing. When it comes to legal matters, Hummingbird Lawyers LLP has a staff of legal experts and support staff you can depend on that understands your needs and how to help you achieve your goals. When you retain Hummingbird Lawyers, you not only get respected, dedicated lawyers, you also get a multi-disciplinary law firm providing a comprehensive array of tailored legal services to assist with all your legal needs.

Corporate and Business Law

Are you looking for legal advice from an experienced corporate or business lawyer in Vaughan, Toronto or the GTA? Hummingbird Lawyers LLP offers a complete range of corporate legal services that compliment your strategic objectives. Our business lawyers have real-world entrepreneurial experience allowing them to take a 360-degree view of your legal issues ensuring long-term success of your business venture. Hummingbird represents start-ups, franchisees, and franchisors in a wide range of matters representing professionals and companies focussing on family businesses, retail, media, information technology, construction and real estate projects. Our corporate lawyers work in close collaboration with our colleagues in the Hummingbird Network ensuring all legal decisions align with your business interests including raising capital, commercial mortgages, accounting, commercialization, and more.

Employment Law

Starting a new job in Vaughan? Before you sign an employment contract have it looked over by Hummingbird Lawyers LLP.  If the job doesn’t work out, our prominent Vaughan law firm resolves a diverse variety of employment law matters ensuring our clients receive the fair treatment and compensation they are entitled to by statute and common law.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law

Moving to Vaughan? The real estate team of lawyers and clerks at Hummingbird Lawyers know your property transaction deserves focus, attention to detail, planning, guidance, and efficiency. We are there from before the signing of the purchase and sales agreement to meeting with you to sign the largest asset transaction of your life. We have been closing transactions for over 15 years and have seen it all.  Allow our experience  to guide, advise and attend to your transaction from start to finish.
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Wills and Estate Law Services

Are you prepared for your passing or that of a loved one? Hummingbird Lawyers has experience in Wills, including  Last Will and Testaments as well as corporate Wills; power of attorney; family trusts; estate administration; succession planning and probate. Read more about the importance of succession planning. Avoid legal problems and family disputes by retaining a Hummingbird Wills & Estates lawyer.  We will review your details to minimize disputes and future legal costs. You need a highly respected law firm that prides itself on better serving Vaughan, Toronto and the GTA, with the understanding that estate planning is for everyone, young or old, and that you need to plan ahead now

Family Law Services

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP have family lawyers in the Toronto and Vaughan offices. working to resolve family-related legal matters in a fair, respectful, and timely fashion. Their experienced divorce lawyers pride themselves on their abundance of experience in areas of separation and divorce; spousal and child support; division of property and equalization; child custody and access; pensions and trusts; and mobility issues. Their collaborative approach minimizes conflict by quickly arriving at a fair and practical settlement. Our team understands how difficult situations can be, emotionally and legally. We will support you on the road ahead with advice on the division and disposition of shared property, updated estate planning, and custody agreements.

Litigation Law

Experiencing a legal dispute? When they become unmanageable, Hummingbird Lawyers LLP will litigate on your behalf to resolve disputes in your interest. They handle an array of business/commercial litigation matters covering shareholder and partnership disputes, oppression remedy actions, contract disputes, and employment matters.

Notary and Commissioner

Hummingbird Lawyers LLP are Commissioners for taking oaths for affidavits or declarations when you swear or affirm that the document is true. They also act as Notary Publics which have the power of a commissioner for taking affidavits and but can also verify that signatures, marks, and copies of documents are true or genuine. You may need an affidavit or declaration when you’re:
  • in court, for example, small claims, family, and/or civil court
  • transferring ownership of a used vehicle to another person
  • gifting a used vehicle to a member of your family
  • applying for a municipal license or an exception to a zoning variance
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While new and current residents and employees are living and working in Vaughan a legal issue will happen at some point like purchasing a home or writing a will. You could be seeking compensation for injuries resulting from a work or car accident. You could be unfairly terminated from your job or working out the consequences of separating from your partner. 

With esteemed, skilled and capable lawyers in Toronto and lawyers in Vaughan, Hummingbird Lawyers LLP has locations in both areas to serve our clientele. Choose the location more convenient to you, and let us assist you with your legal matters.


Hummingbird Lawyers strategically assists businesses and individuals in the areas of business and corporate law, commercial and residential real estate transactions, wills and estates, employment law, family and divorce, litigation, and immigration.

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