How To Avoid a Stressful Closing Day For Your Residential Real Estate Transactions

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How To Avoid a Stressful Closing Day For Your Residential Real Estate Transactions

Next to your wedding day, moving day is perhaps one of the most stressful days you can experience and if you are lucky, you will experience more moving days then wedding days!

Below are just a few tips to help reduce the stressfulness of your closing.

Get Bridge Financing

Too many times I see clients who have scheduled the closing of their purchase on the same day as the closing for their sale. This should be avoided if at all possible. Firstly, on closing day the purchase cannot happen until the sale has been finalized, for in most cases, sale money is needed to close the purchase. That, along with too many unpredictable things that can happen on closing day causing a delay, is good reason to get bridge financing.

In order to avoid the above and to help ease stress, I would encourage buyers to seek out bridge financing as this will allow the closing of the purchase to take place well before the sale. You can now clean, paint, do repairs and move in before the closing of your sale.


Schedule Your Movers/Elevator For Later On In The Day

On the day of closing, in most instances, buyers don’t get the keys to their new house until around 4:30pm. This can be problematic if you booked your movers for 10:00am and they only take 2 hours to pack up the house. In this case, you can be paying the movers to sit in a moving truck for no good reason. Try to plan knowing when you will get keys. The same goes for elevators in condominiums.

Have Your Insurance In Place

Not only will insurance be needed if you are getting a mortgage, but even if you are lucky enough not to have a mortgage, once you take title, you are then responsible for the home and you want to ensure coverage in the event of fire and/or flood.

Pack Water, Toilet Paper and Lightbulbs

After a long stressful time packing a moving truck, when you get to your place, you will need/want these items.

I know from practice and personal experience that moving day is a stressful day. I encourage all future buyers and sellers to speak with their legal counsel and discuss the closing day and what can be expected.   With good planning, stress can be reduced and smooth closing and moving can be accomplished.

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